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"Our products are developed with the belief that anything you use on your skin, our largest organ, should be locally sourced, non-toxic, 100% natural and derived from the finest botanical ingredients to heal, hydrate and protect your skin."

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Located near Nimbin, New South Wales, it all began with small seeds and big dreams. A duo of admirers and defenders, fervent believers in the rejuvenating properties of the hemp plant, we began translating it's remarkable qualities into healthy cosmetics. At Topical Hemp Cream we grow all the raw product materials on our own farm. We use no chemical sprays or poisons of any kind, following proven biodynamic and permacultural principles. Thus, the products we deliver here, in all stages of the process, are pure, natural and healthy. Just goodness throughout, from seed to skin.

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If you have any specific inquires about our products, wholesale or international shipping please fill out this form to contact us.

81 Cullen St NIMBIN


Phone: 0435 304 203

or 0490 840 411