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Snake oil rub; for external use. Reptiles skin becomes dry, dull and flakey in air conditioned environments and needs hemp infusion to bring their skin to happy balance. After all snakes and lizards have endocannabinoid systems too! Topical Hemp Cream use MCT (fractionated coconut oil) as carrier for the whole plant infusion and add a touch of frankincense and a dash of lavender because that’s what snakes like. For a confident and vibrant viper; rub on happy snake oil.Is your snake depressed or anxious? Does she spend all day sleeping and has no interest in food? Chances are she has a cannabinoid deficiency. To balance put 3-4 drops of tonic onto the head and spine of your vipers prey; mouse, rat, frog or rabbit before releasing into snakes pen. Once consumed your viper will be a new snake (or lizard) confidant and cuddly. This remedy has similar effect to any creature with an endocannabinoid system; which is all of them. Snake oil tonic is carried in MCT oil with nothing else but whole plant hemp infusion. For a vibrant viper 3-4 drops per feed.


  • 50mL

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