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Topical hemp cream began when we had grown our first crop of hemp and were looking for the best use to put the crop to. We began with seed grown to press oil from. While experimenting with the seed oil we discovered the remarkable efficacy of skin rejuvenation when we infused hemp green matter into the hemp seed oil. From there Topical Hemp Cream came into being.

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Initially we grew hemp for seed but we also had plans to utilise the fibre. Because our farm was small we couldn’t grow exclusively for fibre as that takes a larger farm to produce. We wanted to produce fibre because it’s easy to turn the fibre into sequestered carbon building blocks. 

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Because hemp is such an efficient carbon collector (fifty times more carbon absorbent that timber) we wanted to utilise our crop for all its uses. Although we only produce small amounts of fibre we have learnt to use it as a building material and plan to lease a larger piece of land to use what we have learnt to help save our planet.

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For now however we are focused on growing the purest chemical free oils to be used on the most sensitive skin, renewing and repairing the ravages caused by time.